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Probate, Estate & Trust Disputes

At The Bain Law Firm we know how sensitive disputes can be when they occur between members of a family, close relatives or friends, as often happens with probate or estate disputes. Family members often have different points of view leading to emotional confrontations that can’t be resolved without the help of an attorney. Our clients who find themselves in this situation receive devoted personal attention as we work to resolve the dispute quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, even with careful planning, this type of dispute is more common than you might think. You are not alone.  The Bain Law Firm can help, using dispute resolution alternatives such as mediation, if possible, to avoid having to take a case to trial. If a trial does become necessary, attorney Basil Bain is experienced in trial work and prepared to help you achieve your objectives. Common probate, estate and trust disputes include:

  • – Contesting or interpreting a will
  • – Contesting  or interpreting a trust
  • – Determining the beneficiaries of an estate or trust
  • – Review of actions of Personal Representatives, Trustees or Guardians
  • – Appointment or Removal of Personal Representatives, Trustees or Guardians


Trust, estate and probate problems can be complicated. At The Bain Law firm we help our clients navigate the complexities of the law, handling all matters associated with the dispute, taking into consideration the important relationships that are often at stake.