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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation involves participation in a lawsuit or lawsuits in order to address wrongful conduct committed by another person, private or public company or governmental entity.  Civil litigation is different from criminal litigation in that criminal litigation involves the prosecution or defense of those charged with committing crimes.  Civil litigation is used to try to address wrongful conduct that might not rise to the level of a crime.  Civil litigation can involve business disputes, contract disputes, real estate disputes, probate and estate disputes, employment disputes, insurance disputes and personal injury claims, such as those involving automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice claims, nursing home abuse claims and other claims involving physical or bodily injury to a person.

A lawyer who regularly practices in the area of civil litigation may be called a civil litigator or civil trial lawyer.  A lawsuit usually begins with the filing of a complaint and ends with a trial before a judge and/or jury.  After the trial, an appeal might be filed to challenge the result of the trial.  The person or entity starting the lawsuit is usually called the plaintiff, and the person responding to the lawsuit is usually called the defendant.

Basil Bain of The Bain Law Firm P.L. has experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in all phases of civil litigation, from the filing of a lawsuit through trial before a judge and jury, as well as subsequent appeal, if necessary.